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Summer reading books are here for girls, recommended by Lacey. With school out, you have more time than ever for … reading! Check out these books I really love.

Silver Meadows Summer by Emma Otheguy

Silver Meadows Summer

When 11-year-old Carolina’s dad loses his job, she has to move with her family from Puerto Rico. They go to stay with relatives in upstate New York. To avoid her bossy cousin Gabriela, Carolina makes friends with Jennifer. Together, the girls spend the summer exploring an abandoned cabin near a local farm, creating a place where they can work on their art together. When the cabin is threatened, Carolina must come up with a plan to save her newfound sanctuary.

To Night Owl from Dogfish by Holly Goldberg Sloan & Meg Wolitzer

To Night Owl from Dogfish

Nothing says summer quite like camp. Bett and Avery are sent to the same sleepaway camp, against their will, by their dads. They have nothing in common except that they are both being raised by single, gay dads, who have fallen in love with each other. Soon, the girls find themselves on a summer adventure neither of them could have predicted in this novel told entirely in letters.

Unicorn Theater by Dana Simpson

Phoebe and Her Unicorn Unicorn Theater

Unlike Bett and Avery, Phoebe and her unicorn Marigold are excited to head to drama camp, where they’ll write, produce, and act in an entirely original play in the latest Phoebe and Her Unicorn adventure. Phoebe expects some quality time with her unicorn bestie, until she learns that Marigold has invited her sister, Florence Unfortunate Nostrils. The Phoebe and her Unicorn series also includes a rainy day guide for more summer fun.

The Pumpkin War by Cathleen Young

The Pumpkin War

Every summer, the residents of Madeline Island hollow out giant pumpkins and make boats to compete in the famous pumpkin race. Billie, who LOVES to win, always thought her best friend Sam didn’t care about those things. That is, until he crashed his pumpkin into hers last summer as she was about to cross the finish line. Now, she’s determined to get him back — until a long-lost relative makes her see her family, and her friendship with Sam, in a new way.

Better With Books by Melissa Hart

Better with Books

If nothing on this list strikes your fancy, or if you’re looking for even more reading suggestions to get you through those long summer days, pick up this guide to 500 diverse books. The books are organized by category, so you can find something to read based on issues that are important to you — like immigration, mental health, religion, race, and more. Each chapter includes one list of suggestions for pre-teens and another for teens. Check with a parent about which recommendations are a good fit for you.

More Summer Reading Books

Check out these additional recommendations

What are you planning to read this summer? Have you read any of the books listed above? Tell me about it in the comments!

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