There’s a fantasy show on Netflix called The Dragon Prince. It’s a really awesome story, with magic, dragons, and elves. And it features lots of racial diversity, LGBTQ+ representation, and strong female characters. Here are a few examples of characters:

  • Annika and Neha, queens who died to save their kingdom. Their daughter, Aanya, inherited the throne.
  • General Amaya, a leader in the kingdom’s army. She’s deaf and uses the Dragon Prince equivalent of American Sign Language.
  • Rayla, an elf and former assassin who sets out to return the egg of the Dragon Queen. Her adopted fathers are Runaan and Ethar.
  • Lujanne, a moon-powered illusionist elf and guardian.
  • Kazi, a nonbinary character who translates for a queen.
  • Claudia, a villain who uses Dark Magic. She and her father try to take the kingdom’s crown.

Rowan, 13, IN

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