Black girl with starry night sky and trees in background
Credit: Angelica G

Juneteenth is an American
holiday every year on June 19.

It celebrates the end of slavery by the Emancipation Proclamation
of January 1, 1863.

Great joy was felt by African Americans when they heard
that they now had the legal right to be treated as human beings
and not as property.

We all strive for freedom. Freedom is being able to live and to enjoy life without discrimination.

People should be able to live in peace. If it were not for people who fought for freedom, we would not have freedom. People like Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass worked to free their people.

Juneteenth is a federal holiday that reminds us how so many people worked and waited for freedom. People prayed for freedom.

Black hand reaching to the sky wearing a red ribbon bracelet that says June 19, 1965
Credit: drawing by Angelica G / New Moon Girls

We should celebrate Juneteenth because so many people sacrificed their lives for others like me.

Let us never forget our ancestors who used their tired hands to pave the way for us.

I celebrated Juneteenth this year by reading more books about freedom fighters.

African American artist and avid reader. She enjoys drawing art that is inspired by important African Americans like Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Ida B. Wells-Barnett, an anti-lynching and women's suffrage activist, a journalist and researcher. She's 12 and lives in SC.

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