As summer draws to a close, consider preparing for school with these back to school books for girls. Science, history, art, how-to-cope, and of course, lots of READING will have you ready to dive in on your first day back!

Name & Tame Your Anxiety: A Kid’s Guide

If the thought of returning to school makes you anxious, you aren’t alone. Lots of girls deal with worrying and anxiety, and this book can help. You can learn to talk to adults about your anxiety, what you can do every day to lower anxiety (like going outside, exercising, and eating the right foods), and what’s actually happening in your brain during an anxiety attack. If you need to talk to a therapist, this book walks you through that, too.

The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (And Their Parents)

Book cover image for The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (and Their Parents) by Elizabeth Verdick and Elizabeth Reeve

If you fall on the autism spectrum, returning to school might bring special challenges. This book’s section on school gives kids with ASD tips on making and keeping friendships, coping with bullies, staying focused in class, and more. Read this book with your parents, so you can work on the ideas together.

Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects: 50 Amazing Experiments to Make with Everyday Ingredients

Book cover image for Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects: Fifty Amazing Science Experiments to Make with Everyday Ingredients by Dr. Michelle Dickinson

Is it cooking? Is it science? It’s both! This book has experiments to show you how we get “milk” out of nuts (like almond milk), how to bake cookies using the sun for heat, how to make butter, and more. All of the experiments use items that are probably already in your kitchen cabinets and cost less than $5 if you have to go out and buy something.

Stolen Science: Thirteen Untold Stories of Scientists and Inventors Almost Written Out of History

Book cover image for Stolen Science: Thirteen Untold Stories of Scientists and Inventors Almost Written Out of History by Ella Schwartz and Gaby D'Alessandro

Women and people of color have always been on the front lines of scientific discovery — but they haven’t always gotten credit for it. This book corrects these oversights by shining light on Rosalind Franklin, who figured out how DNA works; Alice Paul, who developed a treatment for leprosy; Chien Shiung-Wu, who disproved accepted theories about atoms; and more.

Poison in the Colony: James Town 1622

Book cover image for Poison in the Colony: Jamestown 1622 by Elisa Carbone

If you learn history best through stories, check out this novel about Virginia Laydon, who can see brief glimpses into the future. Now, she sees a vision of ships arriving in James Town, filled with women, children, and dark-skinned people — far too many for the colony to support. Her gift of knowing could be crucial to the colony of James Town’s survival … or it could lead to Virginia being tried as a witch.

More Back to School Books for Girls

For more history (herstory), check out Victoria: Portrait of a Queen by Catherine Reef, a photo-filled biography of one of the British Empire’s most influential rulers.

Science gets stinky in Who Gives a Poop? Surprising Science from One End to the Other by Heather L. Montgomery, which looks at all the amazing things we can learn from … poop!

Get inspired for art class with the Portrait of an Artist series from Quarto Books, which features biographies of Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo.

Mythology buff? Check out the Legendary Goddesses series from Capstone Press, which features Greek goddess Athena, Egyptian Goddess Hathor, Norse goddess Freya, and more.

Get on top of organization, memory, and repurposing your old stuff with tips from 101 Life Hacks: Genius Ways to Simplify Your World by Aubre Andrus.

What about you? Do you have favorite books that spark your love of learning? Have you read any of the books above? Share in the comments below!

Lacey Louwagie is an adult writer and editor who got her first editing job with New Moon Girls in 2002. She is currently a freelance writer and editor and stay-at-home parent of 2 little boys. She has been a teen services librarian and coordinates book-related goodies for New Moon Girls. She is the author...

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