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Whether you can hardly wait or are dreading it, we’ll be heading back to school in just a couple weeks. Get in the mood by checking out these back to school books for girls!

A Taste of Magic

Book cover image for A Taste of Magic by J. Elle

Twelve-year-old Kyana is delighted to be the first witch in her family for generations. But then she learns the local magic school has lost its funding, and her only remaining option is a school across town with high tuition fees. She enters a baking competition with a huge cash prize in hopes of saving the school … but things go awry when a bit of magic finds its way into her cupcakes!

Jennifer Chan is Not Alone

Book cover image for Jennifer Chan is Not Alone by Tae Keller

Mallory Moss knows the most important rule of middle school is fitting in. But then Jennifer moves in across the street. She doesn’t seem to care about the rules of middle school one bit. She believes in aliens, and even wants to find them. When she disappears, Mallory reads her journal searching for clues. But the closer she gets to discovering what happened, the more she has to confront the truth about why Jennifer might have run — and even the part Mallory might have played in it.

Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation

Book cover image for Hana Hsu and the Ghost Crab Nation

If Hana can beat out half the kids in her class at a prestigious tech school, she’ll get her neural implant early. Then, she’ll be “meshed” to the multiweb, which connects all human brains. But when her classmates keep getting sick and her tech never works right, she wonders if her grandma is right. Maybe getting the implant isn’t such a good idea. Desperate for answers, she spies on one of the most important corporations in the country — landing in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens everything she knows.

Amina’s Song

Book cover image for Amina's Song by Hena Khan

When Amina starts seventh grade eager to share experiences from a summer in Pakistan, her classmates aren’t interested. Even worse, her presentation on her hero, Malala Yousafzai, falls apart when they focus on the worst parts of the story. In this companion to Amina’s Voice, Amina only wants to share the beauty of Pakistan with those around her — if they would just listen. Why is it so hard to find a friend who understands both the Pakistani and American parts of her?

The Outdoor Scientist

Book cover image for The Outdoor Scientist by Temple Grandin

Take science beyond the classroom with scientist and autism spokesperson Temple Grandin as your guide. Featuring 40 outdoor projects exploring everything from outer space to your own back yard and introducing geologists, oceanographers, astrophysicists and more, this book will have you doing your own science in no time.

More Back to School Books for Girls

Layla thinks eighth grade will be like any other year — she’ll struggle to read words wiggling across the page and muddle through awkward social interactions. But then a teacher sees her potential in My Name is Layla by Reyna Marder Gentin.

Although Ro and Benji are only supposed to be science lab partners, an unexpected friendship develops from their shared understanding of loss in Clues to the Universe by Christina Li.

To go beyond what you learn in history class, check out Pirate Queens by Leigh Lewis, which features true stories of women who ruled the high seas!

If you or your friends deal with teasing, find support and tips in Ease the Tease by Judy S. Freedman and Mimi P. Black.

Have you been assigned to any “gifted” or advanced classes? Learn everything you need to make it through school in The Gifted Teen Survival Guide by Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle.

For even more recommendations, click here, here, and here for our previous back to school books for girls!

What about you? Do you have favorite back to school books for girls? Share them in the comments!

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