two recent articles by girl journalists in New Moon Girls magazine

Would you like to be a girl journalist? You can at New Moon Girls! Every magazine issue and our website are full of opportunities for girl journalists aged 8–14 to get published.

Even if you’re not sure you can write articles, give it a try. An adult editor on our team will give you feedback and suggestions on your drafts. Plus, Parents, teachers, librarians and other allies can support girl journalists with a few valuable tips from PBS.

What to write about? First, a girl journalist can start with stories about things you’ve done, problems you’ve faced, questions you want answers about and goals you’ve set. NMG’s magazine and website are created so girls can share all of this with each other.

We’re also deeply interested in girls’ dreams, passions, and opinions in life and the universe. This means you can write about things you dream about and things you hope to do.

Another way to be a journalist is to research a topic or culture you want to discover and write about that. And you can interview inspiring women and girls. The possibilities are endless.

Sign up to be a reporter, and NMG staff will contact you when there’s an opportunity to write for the magazine!

And remember: you don’t have to wait for an assignment. You can always contribute your work directly for the magazine and online anytime you want to.

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