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I love reading NMG magazine! I really enjoy how you encourage girls like me to love themselves, be kind, and be bold. – Mikaila, 12

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If you have a tween daughter, New Moon Girls is great. You’ll love it for its empowering messages and she’ll read it because it’s written by and for girls her age. – Rosalind Wiseman, author Queenbees & Wannabees

Parents love how NMG gives their daughters courage, creativity, and compassion.

My daughter’s membership ends in a few months, and I want to renew it for at least two years—or five years! We just love the magazine! – Heather Pujet

African American female teen writing in journal

Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and other family give NMG for a gift that lasts all year.

Just ordered for my granddaughter. Thank you for continuing your great work—I had this wonderful magazine for my (3) daughters when they were growing up! – Maria Shea, MA LPC

Our safe, Girls’ Online Community is vibrant and unique.

Everyone here seems so much more real than on other social media. It’s such a community, and I love that! – Ellie, 13,

Award-winning, Inclusive, International, and Advertising-Free–NMG is for you!

Phoebe adores NMG. Our wackadoodle world needs MORE of this: Girls Growing into Womanhood; nurturing their Fiercely Thoughtful/ Powerful Minds/ Hearts/ Bodies and Souls as they Grow their community of Guides and Allies. For all you do and have done, from the bottom of my Filled to Bursting Heart, thank you!! – Jenn Thomas

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Founder of New Moon Girls. We Help Girls Grow with Courage, Creativity, Compassion & Community. We amplify girls' opinions, activism, sisterhood, writing & art in both our magazine and online. We help girls, parents, teachers and allies fight sexism together in their communities. Ad-free...

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