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Alexa’s Best Friend

Alexa says her best friend, Maya, 10, NY, is a Beautiful Girl because . . . she is kind to everyone she meets even if they are not the nicest person. She stands up for herself and her friends and has a lot of interests including baking, singing, writing books or short stories and playing […]

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Girls Aren’t Weak!

One night, I watched a movie called “The Sand Lot” with my Dad and some friends. The movie was about a group of boys that played baseball. I loved the movie except for one thing, in the movie the boys had some rivals and they were shooting bad comments at each other. One of the […]

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I Thought I Was Smart

Hey Girls! Lily2 here! I need some help. I thought I was pretty smart… but then zoom school happened. Now my parents say i need a tutor. I’m disappointed at myself. I know I’m not the only person in the world who needs tutoring but it feels like I am. Any advice? ~Lily2, 10, CA

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Girls Can Handle Challenges!

I am so annoyed, because the other day at school, there was a crazy sexist incident that I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you. Ok, so let’s start! (By the way, this mainly happened to my friend.) There’s this male teacher (I’ll call him Mr. Bob) and Mr. Bob has always been pretty strict, […]

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Feature: Father’s Day

Home | Take Me Somewhere New Happy Father’s Day! by Hansa, 9, India Hi guys! I’m Hansa, and I’m here to talk about Father’s Day. Sorry if I’m sending this late! So, to thank our fathers on this special day, first we will make a card! Just grab some paper and start writing. You can […]