Bonjour, girls! (That’s hello in French!) Today, I’m going to be a wolf (don’t worry, I won’t attack you!) and howl about a story about how I discovered (I’m talking like I’m an explorer! LOL) NMG. But before I start, I want to tell you that it’s a little long…maybe too much…So, you should read this when you’re cozy and comfortable and in the mood for a long story. And I’m so happy you’re actually reading this! It’s a true story, and I hope you feel inspired after it. Well, let us start, shall we? Hansa, 9, India

It was a hot afternoon and I was sitting beside my grandfather. The ice-cream on my hand was melting quickly, but I took no notice. I kept staring at the computer screen. Noticing my chattering teeth and muttering prayers, my grandfather asked me what was the matter. I told him I had written stories and took part in competitions and all, but no one had accepted my stories, and I was second-doubting myself. I mean, were my stories any good? Anyway, my grandfather smiled and took the computer. He was busy with it for many days. One unbearably hot morning he handed me a computer. It was opened on a word document and had a lot of links. “What-” before I could complete, my grandfather interrupted me. “These are many links of websites you may love. I don’t know anything about computers, you see, so I had to take help of your brother.” He explained. I was so happy. I hugged my grandfather tightly and he gave a wheezy laugh and smiled. I told him that it was so sweet of him and he said that he didn’t do anything, my brother did. (I thanked my brother too).I sat with my dog Silky (Grandfather was sleeping and I thought I would disturb him if I sat with him) and looked at the websites. Silky yawned and lay down near me. I put my hand on his smooth back and looked at the first website. That’s right, It was NMG! I thought I should give it a try and clicked it. I had to learn a bit about it, and when I did, I posted an Ask a girl question. It was about how I couldn’t come up with good ideas and that I wanted to write a perfect story. I checked every day to see if it was there. One day I was very sad because it had been many, many days. I thought I should give it a last check, and opened Ask a girl here. And it was there! I was extremely excited and read all the advice I tried them all and they helped me a lot. I end this story with a message to all the girls out there: There’s a lot of inspiration in the world, but it’s you who has to start the fire in your heart to go on. That’s all for today. Bye, everyone! ~Hansa