Hey NMG Girls! – I thought it would be fun to talk about how I discovered NMG, because when reading Hansa’s wonderful story about she discovered NMG, I was tempted to write something similar! So, here it is! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the story! Mason, 13, OR

It was the Early Summer of 2015, and I was at the Library!

So far, I hadn’t found any books that were of interest to me, so I walked over to a section with Fantasy Novels. But then, suddenly, I saw a Newsstand with a magazine called “New Moon Girls!” I was so eager to flip through it, because I hadn’t really read a magazine before this experience. As I sat down at the reading table, I was hooked! I was reading countless issues of NMG for two hours (not kidding)! I knew for sure that I wanted to check out some issues, so I could continue endlessly reading them. But, as soon as I walked up to the Checkout-Counter, the Librarian had some really sad news…..

“I’m sorry, Mason, but you can’t check these out.” She said. “They have to stay here. At the library.” I was so sad- because I couldn’t check out NMG! I was at the Library, for another hour, just reading NMG. At this point, I think I was throwing a Mental Tantrum. NMG was so amazing- and I really wanted to check it out!
I didn’t know about the GOC because I think I was 7 or 8 at the time, but if I knew about it then, and how to subscribe to NMG like I am today, I would totally go back to the past to do it!

Two years later, I randomly was in class, thinking about NMG. It was totally out of the blue, and just popped into my head. I was instantly reminded of NMG, and I knew I wanted to get some issues! And not ones I couldn’t check out. Ones I could keep!

So, I got my first NMG Issue, then a 4 Back Issues Pack, then another, then I started to get the more recent issues, and pretty soon enough, I became an official NMG Subscriber and Girls Online Community Member! I know the Online Community had to close, but I hope us NMG Girls can still support and have fun with each other!

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