Book cover image for When Impossible Happens by Jane De Suza

As the holiday season approaches, celebrate by checking out some of these family books for girls. And then share your opinions about your faves at Thanksgiving or your next family reunion!

When Impossible Happens

Book cover image for When Impossible Happens by Jane De Suza

The coronavirus is spreading through India, and imaginative nine-year-old Swara is in lockdown with her family. Her video chats with her grandmother, Pitter Paati, brighten her days. But then her grandmother becomes too ill even to call. When Swara’s parents tell her Pitter Paati has died, she doesn’t believe them. Grandmother wouldn’t just leave! As she investigates what really happened to Pitter Paati, she uncovers more mysteries surrounding her neighborhood. With help from her brother and friends, she’ll both learn the truth and find the courage to face it.

The Science of Being Angry

Book cover image for The Science of Being Angry by Nicole Melleby

Joey gets angry a lot, and she doesn’t quite understand why. She has two loving moms, a great older brother, and is never lonely as part of a set of triplets. But when she learns about genetics in science class, she begins wondering if she inherited her short temper from the donor her parents chose. She sets out to find him, hoping that a reunion will help her better understand herself.

When You Trap a Tiger

Book cover image for When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller

When Lily and her family move in with her grandmother to nurse her through illness, a magical tiger right out of Grandmother’s stories begins to visit. It tells Lily that her grandmother stole something from the tigers long ago, and if Lily returns it, Grandmother will be well again. But bargains with tigers are never what they seem, and now Lily must unravel a family secret — and find the courage to face a tiger.

The Bookshop of Dust and Dreams

Book cover image for the Bookshop of Dust and Dreams by Mindy Thompson

Poppy dreams of one day owning Rhyme and Reason, the magical bookshop her family runs. People from all different time periods visit the bookshop, filling Poppy’s life with a constant mix of new ideas. But through it all, she must adhere to the bookshop’s most important rule: the family can’t use its magic for themselves. But when her brother’s best friend is killed in World War II, he wants the bookstore magic to bring him back. With Poppy’s father in the hospital with a mysterious illness, only Poppy can stand between her brother and the bookstore’s magic.

If You Read This

Book cover image for If You Read This by Kereen Getten

Brie’s mother used to surprise her with treasure hunts that took her all around her island town. When Brie’s mother died, the treasure hunts stopped — until Brie’s twelfth birthday. Her mom has left her a series of letters, leading her on one last treasure hunt. She follows the letters to a special place, to a secret unlocked, and finally, a revelation that will change her life.

More Family Books for Girls

If you need extra tips for surviving long car rides with your parents or small talk at your family get-togethers, check out How to Take the Groan out of Grown-Ups by Eric Braun.

Ryan feels caught in the middle of her older brother and new baby sister as she tries to stay positive in Ways to Share Joy by Renee Watson. (Listen to our interview with Renee Watson here!)

Cordelia has lived with her triplet siblings and mother safely in the enchanted forest for years, until her family is captured and the oldest triplet must be revealed as heir to the contested Raven Throne in The Raven Heir by Stephane Burgis.

When a family reunion turns into a murder investigation, Shenanigan Swift is determined to catch the perpetrator in The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels by Beth Lincoln.

Otter is content to collect dragon hides with her two dads on board their ship, until a stowaway reveals that the fate of the kingdom lies in the hands of children in The Hidden Dragon by Melissa Marr.

What about you? Do you have favorite family books for girls? Have you read any of the books above? Tell us about it in the comments!

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