‘Tis the season to take time off school, gather with family and friends, and read some holiday books for girls!

Sofia Acosta Makes a Scene

Book cover image for Sofia Acosta Makes a Scene by Emma Otheguy

While preparing for a production of The Nutcracker, Sofia feels more drawn to costume design than dancing, even though her parents are former ballet stars. When a group of Cuban ballet dancers stays with Sofia’s family, she learns more about her Cuban heritage. At the same time, researching immigration history for a teacher’s upcoming citizenship party reveals ways immigrants have often been mistreated. And now the Cuban dancers her family is hosting are talking of leaving Cuba illegally. When Sofia tells a friend the dancers plan to stay in the U.S., she’s surprised her friend doesn’t want “outsiders” moving into their community. For the first time, Sofia begins to notice small acts of racism and prejudice. Are she and her family less welcome in their community than she had always believed?

Pippa Park: Crush at First Sight

Book cover image for Pippa Park Crush At First Sight by Erin Yun

In this sequel to Pippa Park Raises Her Game, Korean-American Pippa is still trying to balance school, working at her family’s laundromat, and fitting in. The cute boy who tutors her is paying closer attention to her. She’s also wondering if she’s starting to crush on a childhood friend from church. But Pippa’s friendship with the Royals, the most popular kids at school, still feels a little rocky. So she can’t say no to hosting a Christmas Eve party — even though she knows her family doesn’t make as much money as her classmate’s families. Will she be able to raise enough to pull it off? Find the right dress, pick the right boy? And most importantly, can she stay true to herself through it all?

Awe-Some Days: Poems About the Jewish Holidays

Book cover image for Awe-Some Days: Poems About the Jewish Holidays by Marilyn Singer

A Jewish family of five decides to celebrate every Jewish holiday, even those they are not familiar with — yet. You can join them tasting honey on the Jewish New Year and lighting candles on Hanukkah in this book of poems and descriptions of Jewish holidays.

Hope Wins

Book Cover image for Hope Wins edited by Rose Brock

In many parts of the world, the winter holidays signal the darkest part of the year. Waiting for the light of spring also brings a renewed sense of hope. In this collection, authors like Pam Munoz Ryan and Karina Yan Glaser share stories about hope shining in the darkest times. How do you find hope in your life?

Snow Struck

Book cover image for Snow Struck by Nick Courage

When Elizabeth and her brother Matt learn they’ll be spending Christmas with their cousin Ashley in New York City, they’re thrilled. They’ve lived in Georgia their whole life and can’t wait to experience snow! But they get more than they bargained for when a blizzard rips through the city. It knocks out power and coats the Statue of Liberty in ice. When Ashley’s dog gets lost, the cousins put themselves in the path of the dangerous storm to find him.

More Holiday Books for Girls

Did you know many Christmas customs come from ancient solstice celebrations? People around the world still celebrate solstice, the shortest day of the year, which falls on December 21. Whether it’s your first time or a longtime tradition, find ideas for solstice crafts, food, and more in Solstice Celebrations by Amy Virginia Evans.

After years trapped in an icy chamber, Santa’s twin sister, the Christmas Witch, finally awakens. She’s ready to reclaim Christmas in Return of the Christmas Witch by Aubrey Plaza and Dan Murphy.

If you’re expecting your first cellphone this holiday season, pick up You Got a Phone (Now Read This Book!) by Elizabeth K. Englander and Katharine Covino. It will give you tips far beyond what you’ll find in your phone’s manual!

If you love making gifts but aren’t sure where to start, check out Handmade Gifts from DK Publishing. It features more then 70 gift ideas just waiting for your love and creativity.

What about you? What are your favorite books to read around the holidays? Have you read any of the books listed above? While writing this, I wanted to feature books about girls who celebrate solstice or Kwanzaa but couldn’t find any published recently. Do you know good solstice or Kwanzaa books that go beyond explaining the holiday? If you do, please leave a comment or contact us to share your recommendations!

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