Our May-June issue brims with girls who are beautiful being themselves. Each is different in how she experiences her beauty in the world. That’s our goal with the annual Beautiful Girls issue. Above all we want to help girls resist the #BeautyBeast by recognizing and appreciating their unique beauty. This is our 19th year of Beautiful Girls issues!

You may wonder why we even talk about beauty at all with our members. We do it to build resistance to the ever-present oppression of popular beauty culture. For example, they see peers and adults all around them trying to alter their appearance. And doing it in dangerous ways like restricting food or having surgery. This is all in the name of “perfecting themselves” by fitting the current cultural definition of beautiful.

We make this special issue every year to give girls a refuge from the #BeautyBeast pressure. As a result, this strengthens their sense of how they’re beautiful without alteration or perfectionism.

Likewise, as you page through the magazine you’ll find many ways for girls, parents and other adult allies to strengthen their resistance to the #BeautyBeast.

I made a short video with more ideas for building her awareness of the beauty that she, and all of us, have as ourselves.

How do you help girls resist the #BeautyBeast?

Email me with your experience and what works for the girls you love. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Thank you Nancy!
    I love to hear what you have to say on any topic concerning mothers and daughters. The Beautiful Girls issue has always been one of my favorites.
    So nice to see you again 🙂
    Karen Buckley
    New York

  2. Thank you Nancy and NMG. Our daughter loves reading and connecting with NMG and learning about the inner and outer lives of other girls. We are grateful that she has resources from outside our home that reflect what we strive to instill in her about her inner beauty and the essence and meaning of beauty and beautiful. Your video is great. We look forward to more and the Beautiful Girls issue with her.

  3. Thank you for this video Nancy Gruver! This is such an important issue for all of us to be aware of, especially parents of daughters. Girls and women are bombarded daily with the #beautybeast propaganda and what we are suppose to look like and how we are suppose to behave in the world. I am so grateful for “New Moon” chipping away for years debunking this huge LIE about beauty. Thank you for continuing to reinforce girls to be themselves and to love themselves, just as they are. Keep sending the videos!
    Maureen Michelson