What’s in the May-June 2019 NMG Magazine?

We Are All Beautiful

What a cover! It’s brimming with girls who are beautiful being themselves. Each of them is different in how she experiences and shares her beauty to the world. That’s our goal with the annual Beautiful Girls issue–to help girls recognize and appreciate their unique beauty and the unique beauty of everyone. This is our 19th year of Beautiful Girls issues! It’s an issue we often sell out of. So if you want extra single paper copies to share with more girls order them now at this link . If we do sell out of paper copies you can still order the digital copy – we never run out of them :).

Girls Are Beautiful As Themselves

You may wonder why we even bring up beauty at all with our members. We do it to give them and you an inspiring toolkit of ways to resist the ever-present oppression of popular beauty culture. They see peers and adults altering their appearance, sometimes in dangerous ways like restricting food, to “perfect themselves” by fitting the current cultural definition of beautiful. We make this magazine issue every year to give them a refuge from, and alternatives to, all that pressure. They need that refuge to maintain their sense of themselves as beautiful without alteration or perfectionism. This issue provides many opportunities for our readers, parents and other adult allies to strengthen their resistance with articles including:

  • Girls Beautiful As Themselves
  • Moooood Swings
  • Your Top Job?
  • DIY Pizzapalooza
  • Fairy Story Contest
  • Draw! Color! Write! Debate!
  • I HATE How I Look
  • Craft Catbands
  • Persuading Game
  • Fiction: Pixies Aren’t Real
  • The Last Word: Ida B. Wells

Enjoy this issue with the girls you care about – and let us know what you think with a comment below!

And just a reminder, the July-August issue will be mailed around June 22. You can always check the mailing date on this chart.

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    • Hi Angel – Go to newmoongirls.com/contact and send us: 1. the name the magazine is mailed to, 2. the old postal address including zip, 3. the new postal address including zip, 4. the date the new address is effective. The July-Aug issue mailed a couple weeks ago so the change you make now will take effect for the Sept-Oct issue.


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