Do you feel like our girls are growing up in perilous times? We do.
Every day they see that women don’t yet have equality or equity or respect. At work, on the sidewalk, in sports, leadership, government, and the ever-more-pervasive media.
But they’re still eager to become women. This is their time, no matter what’s happening around them (and us).
They’re excited and scared at the same time. They want the courage, compassion, creativity, and community to face new challenges. Including the challenge of gradually moving away from us, and beginning to make their own place in the world. They need our support to do this, even if they act like they don’t want it, sometimes!
That’s why girl-created New Moon Girls exists.
Phoebe adores NMG. Our wackadoodle world needs MORE of this: Girls Growing into Womanhood; nurturing their Fiercely Thoughtful/ Powerful Minds/ Hearts/ Bodies and Souls as they Grow their community of Guides and Allies. For all you do and have done, from the bottom of my Filled to Bursting Heart, thank you!! – Jenn Thomas
For 26 years we’ve been helping girls express themselves and copy with the still-sexist world we live in. And we also help parents, other family members and all sorts of girl allies like teachers, youth workers, etc.
I love reading NMG magazine! I really enjoy how you encourage girls like me to love themselves, be kind, and be bold. – Mikaila, 12
My daughter’s membership ends in a few months, and I want to renew it for at least two years—or five years! We just love the magazine! – Heather Pujet
This generation of girls is amazing! They’re ready to change our world for the better and they need our support in so many ways.
Everyone here [NMG’s safe Girls Community Online] seems so much more real than on other social media. It’s such a community, and I love that! – Ellie, 13
Just ordered for my granddaughter. Thank you for continuing your great work—I had this wonderful magazine for my (3) daughters when they were growing up! – Maria Shea, MA LPC
And remember that NMG is for grownups, too. Our extensive resources for parents and allies help you stay close and guide her while she’s growing up so fast.
Renew or order new at our new easier-to-use online store.
Last, but definitely not least, thank you for being such an important part of our community of girls, parents and allies who are supporting each other, and building a better world for all!

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