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Inspiration All Around

Being with girls inspires me, even if I’m feeling frustrated or stuck. Seeing them learn and grow and change renews my hope when life disappoints me with injustice, suffering, and human-caused messes.

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Girls Are Both Inspiring and Inspired

When you or those you love need a reminder of the awesomeness of girls, you can open any issue of NMG. Even fuller is this issue with a triple serving of many kinds of inspiration from our girls. We feel it’s important to give girls real-life examples of how they inspire each other. Building sisterhood among girls and women has been one of our primary goals ever since we started in 1992.

Far, far too often, the larger culture our girls live in teaches them to compare and feel competitive with other girls in an unhealthy, personal way. In every type of media and most ads they are taught to fear scarcity, whether in sharing a piece of cake, feeling attractive or popular, sharing friends, or what it means to be a winner.

By contrast, our culture at NMG shows and teaches our readers, parents and other adult allies how to strengthen sisterhood by listening to each other, accepting and learning from the many ways we are different from each other, supporting each other and being inspired by each other.

Some Conversation Starters from this Issue

Free Your Body: girls can make friends with their body, and stay friends with it as they change during adolescence. It’s not easy. They need to be taught the facts of how girls’ bodies change. And they need the women in their life to “walk our talk” as friends with our bodies. Challenge yourself on how you can use the practices offered to girls in this article. In Body and Mind – page 8.

DIY Creativity: our members inspire by how they’re creative with stuff they find at hand. What would she like to make without buying anything new? Page 14.

Meet Aiufi from Samoa: ask your girl how she is inspired by Aiufi. Talk about the ways their lives and dreams are similar and how they’re different. In Global Village – page 18.

Cultural Messages: girls share differing thoughts about the pressure to shave body hair. How do you and your girls feel and why do you think that is? In Voice Box – page 5.

The Last Word: a great quote and short bio written by a girl about a woman or girl who inspires her. This time it’s about Taylor Swift and her activism.

Inspiring Fiction: two stories by members about losing someone they love very much and how they coped with their grief. In Fiction – page 20 – 23.

Enjoy this issue with the girls you love and care about – and let us know what you think with a comment below!

And just a reminder, the September-October issue will be mailed around August 22. You can always check the mailing date on this chart.

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