Difficult Times Are Better With Friends

Dear Friends and Supporters –

We hope you’re well and safe in the current deluge of uncertainty about the future and stress of the present pandemic. No matter what your situation, we hope you are finding support and taking gentle care of yourself. We find difficult times are better with friends.

Like you may be, our 3-person staff is braving waves of anxiety and intense emotions while trying to focus on the things we can accomplish one day at a time.  

We’re grateful to support girls’ emotional, social, and intellectual growth and development with NMG. Your girl’s development is continuing even while the world is in chaos from coronavirus. We’ll do everything we can to be here for her and you during lockdowns, school and camp closures, work from home and all the rest.

We’re proud that our readers say that our magazine and Girls Online Community give them comfort, hope, and belonging. Our members bond with and support each other. And in the process, they continue to learn much about themselves and others. Especially now.

We want to share that we’ve been working hard on a path forward for NMG magazine in this perilous time. Of course, like most small businesses, we’re financially vulnerable right now.

We understand the challenges. We’ve crunched the numbers and believe NMG can make it through. We’re hopeful that, with your help, we will. 

Crucially, we are dedicated to supporting girls’ self-expression in connection with themselves and others.  And we’ll maintain our pledge to never accept ads in our print or online media.

The good news is that we’re working with our small-but-mighty staff, our printer, the post office and our awesome volunteers to reduce the financial pressures that would keep us from serving girls. 

Here is what we’re doing so far:

  • Changing to a 48-page quarterly magazine; this trims printing and postage costs, so the magazine can remain in print.
  • Adding 16 more pages to each quarterly issue–so girls get the same amount of ad-free pages every year as before. 
  • Mailing our first quarterly issue–the We Are All Beautiful Summer issue–at the end of May 
  • Creating a new 2-month trial membership for only $5 in our moderated Girls Online Community. This means more girls and families can try out its vibrant mix of support, creative self-expression, inclusion, fun, and mutual member respect.
  • Applying for federal, state and other small business support.
  • Mobilizing more volunteer moderators to handle the huge increase of activity in our Girls Online Community since lockdowns began and schools closed.

We invite you to join our community conversation in the days and weeks to come. Tell us what you think of our plans. Tell us what else you’d like to see us do to support girls, parents, and allies.

Please reach out to us here on the NMG blog, on Instagram or on Facebook. We value you every day as part of our community of girls, parents and allies supporting each other. 

Most of all, we write today in solidarity with what you’re experiencing and to remind you that we’re here for you and your girls. Please accept an inexhaustible supply of virtual hugs from everyone at NMG for you and everyone you love. 

Nancy Gruver, Founder

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