illustration by a new moon girl

Hey there!

Are you an artist who loves drawing, painting, collaging, printmaking, sculpture, and/or photography? We like both digital and analog art, so do what you love.

Are you a girl or nonbinary/transgender person between the ages of 8-14 who loves to draw and illustrate? New Moon Girls magazine is currently accepting applications for illustrators, and we want to see what you’ve got!

As an illustrator for New Moon Girls, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your artwork in a publication that celebrates and supports girls’ voices and interests. Your illustrations will help bring to life the stories, poems, and articles written by other girls, just like you.

But, as an illustrator, it’s important to remember that meeting deadlines is crucial. When you’re assigned a project, you’ll need to complete it by the deadline given to you by the New Moon Girls team. This is because the magazine operates on a strict timeline to ensure that each issue is published on time.

So, if you’re interested in applying to become an illustrator for New Moon Girls magazine, make sure that you’re able to meet the deadlines given to you. This will ensure that you’re able to produce your best work and contribute to the success of the magazine.

To apply, simply visit our website and fill out the application form. Don’t forget to attach some samples of your artwork so that we can see your style and talent.

We can’t wait to see your illustrations and welcome you to the New Moon Girls team!