For me, summertime brings up fond memories of swimming pool dance routines, walks to the nearby ice cream shop, and playing cards with my sister at the lake.

And READING! All that time meant I could read as often and for as long as I wanted! The illustration above by Liza Ferneyhough expresses the joy our members feel in reading.

Because of that, we offer a Summer Reading Sale on back issue packs through June 23rd, 11:59 pm Pacific Time. You save 50% on each pack and get free shipping by entering the coupon code: SUMREAD19.

And our book reviewer Lacey has great recommendations in her new blog post.

The world is at your girl’s feet, full of daydreams and delicious free time. But without the structure of the school year, boredom can strike.

“Wait, wait, wait,” you say, “I don’t want her to feel bored!” So what are you to do? I have a few ideas and also suggestions from girls themselves.

Let’s Rethink Boredom

First up, let’s rethink boredom. What is it really? Dictionaries say ennui, lack of motivation and other yucky-sounding states.

In fact, boredom isn’t all bad. Sandi Mann, author of The Upside of Downtime: Why Boredom is Good, defines boredom as a search for neural stimulation that isn’t satisfied. When we realize that neural overstimulation creates stress and anxiety we begin to value the positives of boredom. The positives include increased creativity and self-initiative.

If we allow boredom to happen, we can help girls, and ourselves,  practice coping with it by daydreaming, being humorous, making their own fun within their current situation. It’s definitely not easy to endure a bored girl but let’s try not to automatically suggest a diversion every time.

What Parents are Doing with their Girls this Summer

In our new Facebook Group for New Moon Girls parents & allies, we talked about boredom and what kinds of things parents are doing with their girls this summer. Here are some of the ideas they shared:

  • Talking through how their daughter’s “child interests” are transforming into the desire to do new things and allowing time for new interests to develop
  • Organizing! Taking time to sort through bookshelves, toys in the basement and even music…the deep cleaning allows for old items to feel new
  • Arranging lots of social time with girls her age through camps, lessons & activities
  • Taking classes on safety or emergency training
  • Restoring a vintage bike together
  • Arranging for her to be a “helper” at a local daycare
  • Responding to “I’M BORED!!!” with “That’s okay.”
  • Creating a “Bored Box” my daughter can go to if she’s out of ideas

Want to add your ideas to the mix? Ask to join our new closed group and we’ll enthusiastically welcome you to the group of amazing parents & allies raising girls. Happy summer and happy reading!

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