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Every issue of NMG online magazine includes some of our special sections. They are all listed below. When a girl sends in a contribution, we will include it in a future issue when we’re able to. It depends on how it fits with an issue theme. And if we can find, or a girl can send us, good art and/or photos to go with the writing. It also depends on a parent or guardian completing and signing the permission to publish form. We don’t publish any girl’s work without the signed parent permission.

Love, Luna

Meet a Member – Tell and show – with photos or drawings – NMG magazine readers about you and what you enjoy most.

Shining Star – Tell us about when and how you shared NMG magazine with a friend(s).

Ideas Please! – Your ideas on what NMG should feature in your future issues.

Dear Luna – Luna is the spirit of NMG. Write her a note about anything and everything you want to tell her. This is also a good place to give your feedback on NMG mag. A few letters are published in most issues.

Voice Box – Give your opinions on our latest topics that affect girls.

Ask a Girl – Help other readers by sharing how you’ve handled a problem someone asks for advice about. Help yourself and other readers by asking for advice on a problem you have. 

Body & Mind – Contribute your article or idea for an article about health, well-being, body and brain development, understanding yourself, working with your emotions, meditation, and more. 

Our Earth – Contribute your article or idea for an article about environmental topics, animals, climate change, and all things about the earth. 

For the Curious – Are you curious about some technology or science facts or how something works? Is it interesting to you? NMG readers will be curious too!

Global Village – Contribute your article or idea about a girl’s life anywhere outside the United States. We love to have these written by a girl age 8 to 14. 

Go Girl – From sports to activism to travel, girls are on the move doing amazing things. Share a story of yourself or other girls on the go!

Reviews & Recommendations – Contribute a recommendation/review for a book, movie, music, art, tv show, software app, activity or anything else.

Herstory – Contribute your article or idea for an article about an influential and/or inspiring girl or woman from the past.

Women’s Work – Tell us about a woman doing interesting work anywhere in the world. You can interview her – our editors will help set that up.

Fiction – Contribute your short, medium or longer stories.

Luna’s Art Gallery – Contribute your handmade or digital art or craft in any medium: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, prints, photography, yarn, weaving, jewelry-making, ceramics, papier mache and more. 

Poetry – Contribute your poetry – all types of poems are welcome. 

How Aggravating – Life isn’t always fair. There’s a lot of systemic sexism, racism and other unfairness we want to help change. People need to recognize it when we see it or hear about it. Send in things you see or hear that are sexist, racist or otherwise unjust. When you can include a photo, sketch or description it helps other NMG readers understand the injustice.

Howling at the Moon – There’s also plenty of amazing, inspiring stuff that you see or hear in the world. Howl about that by sending in examples of justice and positive change so other readers can feel good about it, too! When you can include a photo, sketch or description it helps.

Last Word – Every issue ends with some wisdom and inspiration from women past or present. Who do you think should have the last word and why?

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