March-April New Moon Girls mag cover

Taylor Richardson, Girl of the Year

Let’s start with the cover! Taylor Richardson is our Girl of the Year. We announce this award each year in March, which we call Girls & Women’s Herstory month. Learn more about Taylor in this blog post.

Our Wild World

Our members love animals of all kinds, actual and fantastical, and love Mother Earth. This issue asks creative questions that give readers, parents and other adult allies great things to chat about together:

  • would our readers rather have a pet dragon or pet unicorn, and why?
  • how to get over feeling embarrassed?
  • what in the world is the pink tax?
  • can doing improv comedy help girls feel stronger as leaders?
  • are zoos good for animals?
  • what can your family do at home and in school to prevent pollution, limit CO2 emissions?
  • what’s an enteledont?
  • how does solar energy work, including a DIY solar oven you can make?
  • what music are our readers loving lately?
  • how can girls who only know each other online write a musical together?

Enjoy this issue with the girls you care about – and let us know what you think with a comment below!

And finally, the May-June issue is at the printer and will be mailed around April 22 – your girl doesn’t have much longer to wait for it to arrive.

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