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New Topic: Standardized Testing!

Topic: Should There Be A Voting Age?

I think there should be a voting age, but not 18. I don’t think it makes sense that young people cant vote. Who is in government power is part of our future and it doesn’t seem fair that we have to let adults decide what happens.
If I were in charge the voting age would be 13. A lot of young kids have strong opinions about the government and it seems unfair to have to watch adults decide their future. I don’t think the voting age should be super young because voting is complicated and there are a lot of steps to it, and I also think super young kids would just vote how their parents told them to. If they could vote, I would hope that kids would realize that they have the power to make an impact and they would start to learn and get more involved in being part of deciding the future. -Clarice, 13, CA

In my opinion, yes, there should be a voting age. If kids could vote, too many kids might vote for someone who won’t be a good president and the states might end up messed up. I think the voting age should be at least 19-yrs old so they have more experience. –Cat Girl, 9, FL

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