New Moon Girls pins, magnets & sticker give-away
  • Get 2 business-size envelopes – 9 inches or longer.
  • Address one envelope to yourself, and/or to each girl you want to receive a gift. We think that as an adult ally who cares about girls, you deserve a gift, too!
  • Address 1 envelope to New Moon Girls, 85 Lakeshore Ct, Richmond, CA 94804.
  • Put 55 cent USA stamps on ALL the envelopes.
  • Put in a note telling which gift you choose:
    • 2 stickers that say Celebrate Girls
    • 2 pins that say Use Your Voice
    • 1 magnet that says Listen To Girls
  • Put the envelopes addressed to you and/or girls folded up inside the envelope addressed to NMG, seal, and mail it. You’ll get your gift in a few weeks.

This offer ends on March 1, 2019. Be sure to postmark your request on or before 2-28-19.

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