A Gift to Celebrate the First New Moon of 2019

  • Get 2 business-size envelopes – 9 inches or longer.
  • Address one envelope to yourself, and/or to each girl you want to receive a gift. We think that as an adult ally who cares about girls, you deserve a gift, too!
  • Address 1 envelope to New Moon Girls, 85 Lakeshore Ct, Richmond, CA 94804.
  • Put 55 cent USA stamps on ALL the envelopes.
  • Put in a note telling which gift you choose:
    • 2 stickers that say Celebrate Girls
    • 2 pins that say Use Your Voice
    • 1 magnet that says Listen To Girls
  • Put the envelopes addressed to you and/or girls folded up inside the envelope addressed to NMG, seal, and mail it. You’ll get your gift in a few weeks.

This offer ends on March 1, 2019.   Be sure to postmark your request on or before 2-28-19.y

We’re delighted that your special girls and you will feel the joy and inspiration of our messages and commitments to all girls every time your gift is glimpsed and she gives it a quick thought.

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