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We care a lot about doing what’s good for our members and the marvelous people like you who order subscriptions for them.  That’s why we want you to know now that our price is going up on Jan 2. Not by a lot, just $3 a year in the US and proportional amounts for Canada and International addresses.  

Order or renew by Jan 1 and you can beat the increase.  

It’s the same price for both new orders and renewals – we don’t play games with fake sales and promos. We charge you what it takes to cover the costs of creating, producing and shipping our award-winning magazine and Girls Online Community.  

You have until Jan 1 to click now and save $3.  

Even better, if you renew or order new memberships before Jan 2 with the 2 year option, you’ll save a whopping $19.98. This is possible because getting your renewal early lets us plan further ahead and get savings with suppliers. We pass our savings on to you. 

And that’s it for this last week of 2018. I hope you’re looking forward to the new year with gratitude and self-compassion. Those are my personal practice resolutions for 2019.

See you next Friday, same time, same place. The enews will be back to sharing answers and trusted resources for the questions parents and allies have about raising girls who are courageous, creative, compassionate, and connected. 

Add your questions and recommendations anytime to this private google form.P.S.  Thanks for reading! 

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