Of course, we appreciate girls for their inner beauty all year. And every summer we like to shine a special spotlight on girls who are beautiful by being themselves. You can also nominate a girl who inspires you by being true to herself.

So I’ve rounded up some great inner beauty books for girls. Pick one up and celebrate yourself and all the beautiful girls in your life!

A Different Kind of Normal: My Real-Life, Completely True Story of Being Unique

Book cover image for A Different Kind of Normal: My Real-Life, Completely True Story of Being Unique by Abigail Balfe

Growing up, Abigail felt like she was at odds with the “normal” world. When she was an adult, she received some Very Important Information about herself — she was autistic. In this graphic memoir, she tells her story — scary toilets, adorable cats, giant bowls of ice cream, inner beauty and all!

Amelia Gray is Almost Okay

Book cover image for Amelia Gray is Almost Okay by Jessica Brody

Amelia has moved almost 40 times for her dad’s job, and she loves her life on the go. She’s been in enough middle schools to see that friendships are messy, and she’s doing fine without them. But then her dad announces that he wants to stay put for a while — and Amelia will have to try fitting in for the first time.

Trying to decide who she wants to “be” in her new home, she experiments with three identities. “Amie” is a confident track star. “Mellie” is a serious journalist. And “Lia” is a bold theater kid. But when juggling all three personalities gets complicated, she has to find the answer to one all-important question: Who IS Amelia Gray, really?

Morning Sun in Wuhan

Book cover image for Morning Sun in Wuhan by Ying Chang Compestine

When COVID19 breaks out in Wuhan, China, Mei takes solace playing computer games and cooking. Her dad is a doctor, so she’s often at home alone. Struggling with loneliness, she realizes she can make a difference through her love of cooking. She begins making meals for others, which leads to new friendships and appreciation of her . This book includes recipes for the food Mei prepares.

Opinions and Opossums

Book cover image for Opinions and Opossums by Ann Braden

Agnes’ mom tells her she shouldn’t challenge authority. But that’s hard, especially in religion class where her instructor blames everything on Eve and only describes God one way. When Agnes rescues an opossum with her neighbor Gracy, she learns that not everyone values conformity. Soon, she begins sharing and writing her true thoughts, enjoying the reactions of others as she reveals more and more of her inner beauty.

Meesh the Bad Demon

Book cover image for Meesh the Bad Demon by Michelle Lam

Bullied by other demons, Meesh would rather spend her time poring over princesses in Fairy World magazines than doing “demon things” like vomiting acid or breathing fire. When a strange curse threatens the Underworld, Meesh goes to the Fairy Realm for help. She meets a fairy princess right away and soon learns all is not as it seems in Fairy World, either. As she makes new friends and unites an unlikely band of outcasts, she realizes there’s more to being a demon than being “bad.”

More Inner Beauty Books for Girls

Thirteen-year-old Cassidy defies her father’s wishes to enter The Great Texas Dragon Race, knowing that the other frontrunners care more about corporate profit than dragons in this book by Kacy Ritter.

Jewel is ready to cast off her image as a girl who keeps to herself, reading and making art … but before she can do that, the strange unicorn horn growing out of her forehead has to go in Not a Unicorn by Dana Middleton.

When humans capture half-fairy Aislin and mistake her for a human, she must use her inner strength and the power of friendship to break free in More Than a Princess by E.D. Baker. (Check out the sequel, Power of a Princess, too!)

In Turtles of the Midnight Moon by Maria Joseì Fitzgerald, Abby and her new friend Barana team up to protect sea turtles in Honduras.

When doctors tell Aniana she has juvenile arthritis, she knows she needs to swim for healing more than anything … even though her mom lost a loved one to drowning and forbids it in Aniana Del Mar Jumps In by Jasmine Mendez.

What about you? Do you have favorite inner beauty books for girls? Have you read any of the books above? Tell me about it in the comments! And also recommend any book you’d like to see us recommend in the comments at the end of this post.

And both girls and adults can nominate girls to be honored for being themselves!

Lacey Louwagie is an adult writer and editor who got her first editing job with New Moon Girls in 2002. She is currently a freelance writer and editor and stay-at-home parent of 2 little boys. She has been a teen services librarian and coordinates book-related goodies for New Moon Girls. She is the author...

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