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Summer Reading Flash Sale till July 9

Long lazy days, family trips and later bedtimes all make summer great for reading. I was a voracious reader and often raced through my huge stack of library books before our next visit. Then I scoured my parents’ bookshelves for things that might interest me. Whether the girls you care about love reading or are […]

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Lacey Recommends Books of Poetry and Letters

April is a great month for writing, which makes it a great month for reading, too! Did you know that April is National Poetry Month AND National Letter-Writing Month in the USA? Of course, people everywhere enjoy these types of writing this month, too! That’s why this month’s roundup of books features, you guessed it, […]

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Girls of the Year 2018 – Isabel and Melati

NMG’s Mar-Apr 2018 cover is our Girls of the Year.  This issue mailed on Feb 22 from Minnesota and you should get it soon if you’re a member! You can also buy it here. Sisters Isabel and Melati have led a campaign to ban plastic bags in their native Bali since 2013. They’re making real […]

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What Kids Don’t Need After Parkland

Awful things keep happening. The world has run amok again. I cry and yell again. And in the midst of it all the kids need our support and authentic presence. In fact, they need more than that. They need us to be their allies! I’m deeply inspired by the kids of Parkland High, and so many […]

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How to Cope with your Daughter’s Changing Personality

Mom: “Amy, you need to get up, you’re going to be late for school.” Amy: “I’m not going to school.” Mom: “Yes, you are. You have that math test today and you cannot be late!” Amy (putting her blanket over her head): “I’m never going to school again!” Susann Shier remembers the low point in her […]