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If you want her to get the annual issue focused on her growth and changes, you need to order or renew, if it’s time for your renewal, in the next few days. 

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Yes, it seems crazy in the internet era, but for our paper magazine to reach the girls you love on time, we need to send the mailing addresses to our printer almost 3 weeks before it actually gets mailed!

Add that to the busyness of December and you’d be surprised how many people forget to order or renew and are disappointed when they miss out on the Jan-Feb issue.

Every year, our Jan-Feb mag focuses on aspects of how girls experience and learn to understand the many changes they, their friends, and their world go through from ages 8 to 14.

Just think back to yourself as an eight-year-old and then at fourteen. It’s amazing, isn’t it? And remember how different the world felt in 2012?

It’s a challenge for our girls and for us as we do our best to support and guide them during these crucial years.

Our 2019 Jan-Feb magazine includes these features:

  • Body & Mind teaches how strong breaths connect to our inner selves, give us energy, and reduce feelings of stress and sadness.
  • How to make and give galentines to girls and women for a supportive boost.
  • Wonder what you’ll be in the future? Get tons of possibilities from girls.
  • Thinking about running a business? Hear from baker Yashi, 14, and Alyza, a former NMG reader using her coffee roasting biz to empower women coffee growers.
  • Herstory about Sylvia Mendez, the 9-year-old who in 1945 sued with her parents to get schools in California to desegregate. The famous Brown v Board of Education of Topeka case built on the legal precedent of Mendez v Westminster.
  • Cartoonist and author Liz Prince is interviewed on girlhood, gender, and art.
  • Member Tonya, 14 writes about having autism and how girls without autism can be autism-friendly.
  • How to make her own time capsule and try archaeology.
  • Books that our members love!

Don’t Let Her Miss This Issue

Nancy Gruver, Founder

P.S. If you aren’t able to order by the 9th, after Dec 22 you can order the Jan-Feb mag as a single copy that’s mailed to her by first class mail.

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